Hair looks good but only on head not on all the body parts. Mostly, there are baby hairs, soft and almost invisible to the normal eye but in certain and majority cases they look ugly and obvious. This hair snatches the confidence of flaunting your body in beach days or parties. Irrespective of the efforts you will face the time where any of the used methods will defy your expectations. Thus, you will look for methods that are conventional and handy.

The sky skin offers IPL hair removing using the laser in the clinic of Surrey Hills.


This treatment offers effective laser hair removal in Box Hill. By this medical procedure, all the unwanted hair is removed. Using the concentrated light beams to remove unwanted hair. It’s much cost-effective than all the hair removal methods. We claim lasting, smoother results. Either you are living in Burwood, Box Hill, Camberwell, or anywhere else, pay a visit to our Surrey Hill clinic to let yourself entertained by our amenities.

Isn’t it amazing to get desired results by a concentrated beam of light?

Treatment locations

  • LEGS
  • LIP
  • CHIN

The treatment varies when it comes to hair type, skin type, and other factors. Mostly, we remove hair from legs, arm, and face. This treatment in which laser damages the skin follicles while protecting the skin. Thus, a contrast in skin colour and hair- light skin or dark hair yields the best outcome.

Session Count

It normally takes 4-6 sessions. The interval in these treatments may vary from 2-6 weeks.

Working Strategy

The Candela Ellipse Systems are normally used. You will experience the fastest hair removal via this technique and it’s operational on I-IV skin type. The visible light is mindfully controlled to expose the accurate pulse length, a right fraction of energy and wavelengths to destroy hair follicles.

These controlled pulses are penetrated in the skin and absorbed by hair follicle melanin. It will transform this energy into heat. The heat will destroy it assuring zero growth in the future. Hair In the telogen phase is treated later: it is in the resting phase. The selective Photo thermolysis in which the treatment is effective on those growing hair that is attached to the follicles.

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Promising the best results gives us the privilege to be elected as the first choice when it comes to your body and it’s concerning. Give us the charge and lead and enjoy the journey.